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Discussion Paper Series

The CID Discussion Paper Series serves to distribute ongoing work by affiliates of the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics (formerly the Inequality Lab).

A Very Uneven Playing Field: Economic Mobility in the United States
Mitnik, Pablo, Victoria Bryant, and David Grusky. DP-2022-3

Wealth as Control of the Future
Manduca, Robert. DP-2022-2

Latina/o Postsecondary Education: Trends in Racial/Ethnic Education Gaps and the Role of Citizenship in Access to Higher Education
Dyer, Shauna and Giovanni Román-Torres. DP-2022-1

Avoiding Material Hardship: The Buffer Function of Wealth
Rodems, Richard and Fabian T. Pfeffer. DP-2020-1

The Longitudinal Revolution. Sociological Research at the 50-Year Milestone of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics
Pfeffer, Fabian, Paula Fomby and Noura Insolera. DP-2019-4

Hidden Hardship in the United States. Material Well-Being Above the Poverty Live
Rodems, Richard. DP-2019-3

The Wealth Inequality of Nations
Pfeffer, Fabian T. and Nora Waitkus. DP-2019-2

The Demography of Rising Wealth Inequality
Pfeffer, Fabian T., Matthew Gross, and Robert F. Schoeni. DP-2019-1

The Land of Opportunity? Trends in Social Mobility and Education in the United States
Hertel, Florian R. and Fabian T. Pfeffer. DP-2018-2

The Future Strikes Back. Using Future Treatments to Detect and Reduce Hidden Bias
Elwert, Felix and Fabian T. Pfeffer. DP-2018-1


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