Wealth and Mobility Study (WAM)

2022-2024 Wealth and Mobility Study Scientific Advisory Board Members

About WAM

Through direct access to individual-level and full population IRS tax records, the Wealth and Mobility (WAM) study creates proxy measures of the wealth holdings of all U.S. taxpayer units and links them across generations, extending pioneering work by Raj Chetty and collaborators as well as Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman. We will analyze the level, inequality, segregation, and intergenerational mobility of wealth across the full U.S. population, allowing us to answer questions such as:

    • How does the overall distribution of wealth vary across U.S. areas and within neighborhoods?
    • How high is the intergenerational correlation in wealth?
    • Which U.S. areas show higher and lower intergenerational wealth mobility?

WAM will also distribute geographic aggregates of these measures to the scientific research community and broader public. This new public data infrastructure will support a wide set of novel analyses of wealth inequality and mobility. WAM puts a particular focus on the user-friendly distribution and presentation of these estimates to make them easily accessible to a wide audience, including to local, state, and federal policymakers, community organizations, journalists, and the broader public. 

WAM Scientific Advisory Board

Bringing together leading social scientists and thought leaders, WAM Scientific Advisory Board Members serve a two-year term. The Board advises the project team on central scientific and strategic questions. It consists of five external board members, drawn from multiple disciplines across the country, and three members from the University of Michigan faculty. The Board is chaired by Prof. Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan.


2022-2024 Members:

  • Kerwin K Charles, Dean and Professor of Economics, Policy & Management, Yale University
  • Darrick Hamilton, Professor of Economics and Urban Policy, New School for Social Research
  • Alexandra Killewald, Professor of Sociology, Harvard University
  • Maggie Levenstein, Research Professor, University of Michigan
  • Jonathan Massey, Dean and Professor of Architecture, University of Michigan
  • Stephanie Moulton, Professor of Public Affairs, Ohio State University
  • Joel Slemrod (Chair of the Board), Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy & Economics, University of Michigan
  • Gabriel Zucman, Associate Professor of Economics, University of California Berkeley

CID Team Members:

Fabian Pfeffer
Pablo Mitnik
Robert Manduca
Asher Dvir-Djerassi

External Collaborators:

Victoria Bryant (IRS)
Tom Hertz (IRS)
Alissa Graff (IRS)


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