Envisioning Real Utopias

This interdisciplinary workshop seeks to create a space rarely offered in academia: Through symposia and workshops, we bring together academics and graduate students from across the social sciences and beyond to propose detailed visions of alternative social arrangements geared at increasing human flourishing. Envisioning Real Utopias, a pioneering perspective proposed by the late Erik Olin Wright , calls for more than the description of social reality, the evaluation of public policy, or the abstract description of alternative social arrangements. It seeks to develop policy blueprints that enumerate in detail the costs, benefits, and overall consequences of transformative economic, political, and social arrangements.

In a first symposium on “Envisioning Wealth Redistribution,” we will bring together scholars from a variety of social science disciplines – social work, sociology, economics – to debate visions capable of transformative change as they relate to wealth inequality, class, and race in America, such as stakeholder grants, wealth and inheritance taxation, and reparations.

CID Team Members:

Asher Dvir-Djerassi
Davis Daumler

Research Areas: