Capital and Ideology Poster

CANCELED – CID Inaugural Lecture: Thomas Piketty, Capital and Ideology

The Center for Inequality Dynamics (CID) was founded at the Institute for Social Research (ISR) in 2019 as a partnership between ISR, the Institute’s Survey Research Center, and the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. The center pursues cutting-edge research and innovative teaching on one of the central societal challenges of our time: social inequality.

Join us for our inaugural lecture as we talk to Thomas Piketty about his new book, Capital and Ideology. In this book, Piketty challenges us to revolutionize how we think about politics, ideology, and history. He exposes the ideas that have sustained inequality for the past millennium, presents a scathing critique of contemporary politics, and outlines a bold proposal for a new and fairer economic system.

We will have a panel discussion with Elizabeth Anderson , John Dewey Distinguished University Professor, and Fabian Pfeffer , Director of the Center for Inequality Dynamics, with a book signing to follow.


Mar 27, 2020


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