Inequality Scholars Spotlight: Davon Norris

Investigating the function and consequence of credit ratings How do we as a society decide what is valuable or worthwhile? Economic sociologist Davon Norris, Ph.D., is working to understand how society's tools for determining what is of value and worthwhile are...

CID Looks Beyond Current Policies at its Fall Retreat

Academics are trained to push beyond the bounds of what is already known about the world. But when it comes to offering solutions, scholars often tend to operate within the bounds of existing policy options. “Oftentimes, our minds retreat to what has already been...

Inequality Scholars Spotlight: Sun Kyoung Lee

Understanding Urban Planning and Segregation in New York “A country and a city of extremes”  Did you know American cities are more segregated today than they were 100 years ago? Urban economist and new CID faculty member Sun Kyoung Lee, Ph.D., has spent the last...

CID 2021 Annual Report Now Available

Economic inequality in the U.S. has reached extreme levels, in particular in terms of wealth, and the pandemic has pulled away the curtain on many of the inequalities, injustices, and economic vulnerabilities in this country. There is hardly a more urgent time – and...

Discussion Paper Series: “A Very Uneven Playing Field: Economic Mobility in the United States”

CID Faculty member Pablo Mitnik published “A Very Uneven Playing Field: Economic Mobility in the United States” in CID’s discussion paper series earlier this year. He sat down with CID to discuss his inspiration and process.CID: What is your paper about? Pablo: “In...

Events & News

CID strives to make inequality research more readily accessible; some of the ways we do this is through hosting events and sharing our stories. You can read more about CID, our affiliates, and new projects in our News section. You can also follow us on Twitter (@umichCID) for the latest information.

CID really started coming online just as the pandemic hit. As the rest of the world, we had to adapt our plans for a virtual environment. In Fall 2020 we launched the Virtual Inequality Brownbag series that aimed to help graduate students make connections and gain valuable feedback on their early-stage work.

You can check out our upcoming events to see what we have on the horizon.


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