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Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics Co Hosted New Methods to Measure Intergenerational Mobility Conference 

In November,  our center joined the Stone Center for Research on Wealth Inequality and Mobility at the University of Chicago to co-host the conference “New Methods to Measure Intergenerational Mobility.” 

The conference brought together sociologists and economists at the forefront of developments in the methods used to study economic and social mobility. The conference covered topics and presentations such as:

  • the use of machine learning to characterize patterns of mobility;
  • debates about the effects of social mobility;
  • new mobility measures, data (e.g. cell phone data), and modeling strategies 
  • and the conceptual foundations of research in mobility and inequality of opportunity.

CID Assistant Research Scientist Pablo Mitnik said it was a fantastic event. “I was particularly impressed by some of the advances in causal inference presented at the conference, which I believe may have a profound impact well beyond the field of intergenerational mobility.”

A group of Stone Mobility Conference attendees who all have an affiliation with the University of Michigan


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