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Economic inequality in the U.S. has reached extreme levels, in particular in terms of wealth, and the pandemic has pulled away the curtain on many of the inequalities, injustices, and economic vulnerabilities in this country. There is hardly a more urgent time – and perhaps an even more promising historical moment – to bring social scientific research on inequality to the fore, not merely to document and trace the devastating levels and effects of inequality but also to inform a sustained dialog around what a more just and equal country would look like.

Since its founding in 2019, the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics (CID) has pursued these aims, by striving to

  • engage in foundational research on social inequality, 
  • train the next generation of inequality scholars, 
  • create new public data-infrastructures to measure inequality, and 
  • help envision a more just world.

Especially during these difficult times, I believe that as social scientists we have the responsibility to lay the foundation for both the diagnosis and the solutions to the inequality crisis that we are experiencing. 

Download our 2021 annual report for a taste of some of the new contributions and ideas we are contributing.

Fabian Pfeffer, Ph.D.

Director, Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics


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