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About Us

The Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics (CID) was founded at the Institute for Social Research (ISR) in 2019 as a partnership between ISR, the Institute’s Survey Research Center, and the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. CID is an open and multidisciplinary research incubator, bringing together students and faculty from a variety of fields, including sociology, economics, public policy, social work, philosophy, and others. As a center for foundational research, it sustains a broad approach to the study of socio-economic inequality as a population-wide and relational phenomenon; that is, the study of groups along the entire distribution of socio-economic standing – from the very wealthy to those in debt, from those moving in and out of poverty to those transferring fortunes – and the causal connections between these groups.

CID currently supports a variety of initiatives related to this research, such as:

Inequality Lab

The Inequality Lab supports an innovative instructional approach to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate education to help train the next generation of inequality scholars. It has been designed as a collaborative space to support a variety of new teaching approaches, in the form of lab meetings, skill bootcamps, a public discussion paper series, and open and public talk series.

Public Data

We also support the creation of a variety of new public data products that will sustain novel research on inequality dynamics by the scientific community. Two ongoing examples of this important work are:

Envisioning Solutions

CID strives to go beyond the description and understanding of social inequality dynamics by supporting serious intellectual engagement with emancipatory alternatives to current social institutions. Some of these alternatives already exit in other contexts while others may have to be newly envisioned to help alleviate social inequality and increase human flourishing.


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