The Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics (CID) is an open and multidisciplinary research center, bringing together students and faculty from a variety of fields, including sociology, economics, public policy, social work, philosophy, education, and others. It pursues cutting-edge research and innovative teaching on one of the central societal challenges of our time: social inequality. With a focus on the dynamics of social inequality, CID’s scientific mission is to develop a better understanding of changes and stability in social inequality across time, generations, and sociopolitical contexts. The center also helps expands the social scientific data infrastructure available to support research on these topics and increases the accessibility of high-quality data for inequality researchers everywhere.

CID welcomes two new faculty members

This summer, CID will welcome two new faculty members to the team. Research Assistant Professor Joe LaBriola will arrive July 1, and Research Assistant Professor Sun Kyoung Lee will be joining September 1.

CID is hiring!

CID is looking for a full-time research data analyst! Help us expand the social scientific data infrastructure for the study of social inequality. Learn more and apply by May 28.

Announcing the new Scientific Advisory Board for the Wealth and Mobility Study

One of CID’s main projects that seeks to expand the social scientific data infrastructure is the Wealth and Mobility (WAM) Study. We’re pleased to announce a new Scientific Advisory Board for this project, which contains some of the nation’s leading experts on wealth, housing, and the design and distribution of data. The Board will advise our team on central scientific and strategic questions. 

Inequality Scholars Spotlight: Lydia Wileden

​​How do people choose where to live? What goes into determining which geographical areas to invest in? How are regional inequalities fueled by neighborhoods and housing?

Discussion Paper Series Q&A: “Latina/o Postsecondary Education: Trends in Racial/Ethnic Education Gaps and the Role of Citizenship in Access to Higher Education”

CID student affiliates Shauna Dyer and Giovanni Román-Torres published a new article in CID’s discussion paper series. They sat down with CID to discuss their inspiration and process.